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I'm new and a noob

Hello. I don't know a lot... I know the Ohm's law which is a start :) and a couple of other bits and bytes. Enough to start the electrical engeneering technique next month with the feeling that it is the best choice for me and that it's gonna be a blast. I really like physics and I also like peanut butter on my toasts.

Looking foward to learning a lot!

And if I ever write like weirdo, well that is because I'm from Quebec and speak with a little accent in english (tiny) ;)

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Ah well. Had some time to waste today.....and was totally shocked at how quite some of the Electronics Forums are....

No Forum names mentioned here, but really some have had last post listed back to 2007??

At least ETO has daily chirps. Not yearly.

Boring stuff. One Forum caught my eye though.It is well laid out (does not use VBulletin however). It has thousands of circuit diagrams available for download. As a humble TV Tech I have posted some help to some inquiring folks out there. As a reward, I have access to everything. Just today, I downloaded two L.G circuit diagrams that have eluded me on the Net for ages. Result: two set's repaired that have been here for a long time...

I am a hands on Tech that would like to see ETO grow way beyond the theoretical and focus more on a balance between the theoretical and practical stuff.

Hard to do though.

Anyways, Nigel or ElectroMaster email or PM me and I will give you the Websites address. And you can check out the stuff.

They have great ideas but implement them badly. Just an idea to make this place even better than it already is. And as both you buggers know, I rate ETO highly.

Jeeperz...at least we post here.


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I also like peanut butter on my toasts.
That's it then. You will do just fine. I view peanut butter on toast as a sort of breakfast food group assuming good toast.

Welcome to the forums! :)



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Thank you !

TvTech, why don't you share them right here ?
Perhaps they are too advanced for me, but I'd take a look, curious.
I won't put you through that. First of all, if you post a question there...expect an answer in a couple of Months.

They are good in certain areas but lack seriously in traffic. And that's what being successful on the Internet is all about. They are really dead.



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Welcome to Electro-Tech. I'm not a newbie but a hobbyist. You will find people of all levels of electronics knowledge from green weenies to professional engineers who have been in it for decades. One good way to start is start finding out how our consumer electronic devices work by reading a lot. Though it was easier when I was young when radios,TVs,tape players were meant to be repaired the modern items often fail for simple reasons. Fix someone's castoff gizmo and it's yours, if you fry it in the attempt you will still learn something. Don't be afraid to ask the people here and have fun!
I guess so. I think electronics were pretty "in" in the 80s. Stuff was simpler.

Anyone here working for an electricity provider ? With the course that I'm starting here, electrotechnic (electrodynamic instrumentations/controls), many people go work for an Hydro-Electric compagny. They work on "motor-groups" and the transport of electricity and stuff.

It looks interesting, and I hope I'll get all the knowledge to repair some of my electronic toys and be able to build some things if I get struck by ideas later.

Because the "other" name of my course is Industrial Electronics, I do not know how much deep it gets into the science of electronics, if you know what I mean ?


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You are most welcome here. There are some really clued up folks here that have experience beyond belief.

Mr Eric Gibbs comes to mind.

Enjoy the learning curve.

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