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IC Components Limited in Hong Kong?


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Following on from

I decided to risk trying this company, and it seemed have been worthwhile. I had to transfer the money first, and the ICs came through about a week later. The person who I was dealing with always replied by the following day. The ICs work fine.

Nigel Goodwin

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The only problem is that it's always a risk - just because it works once, or even many times, doesn't mean it always will. There are huge numbers of forged non-working parts coming out of China, it seems to be a major industry there relabelling faulty chips with more expensive numbers, and it might not even be the company you're dealing with who carries out the scam.

Many TV spares, like chips for Plasma XSUS/YSUS boards aren't available, other than from people like these in China - and as you say, you have to order large numbers to get them at all. I know a number of people who have done so, and generally you're only lucky 50% or so of the time - the rest don't work, and are presumably other chips of the same shape relabelled (and you can see it under magnification).

So, "do you feel lucky" :D

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