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How to find out where to get parts?

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Hi all,

I've got a horrible problem: my Creative Nomad Zen 20GB Mp3 player rotary dial/switch thing had become a bit dodgy and so I decided to try and fix it. It's now no good for anything.

Creative won't help, I know that much, but these parts must be made by someone and are perhaps available somewhere?

I'm not even sure what it would be known as. It's a jogger, when you spin it, it moves things up and down a list. Under the wheel were 3 little metal fingers which pressed against a few circles of metal on the wheel base, the metal circles were dashed, with only one being continuous.

But it's also a momentary switch. Push the dial in a bit and it presses down on a metal pop-button and clicks.

What might the whole contraption be known as? It's surface-mount, incidentally.

If someone here had this and wanted it working without buying a new one, how would they go about finding out if the part is available somewhere? It has no numbers or ID on it anywhere, unfortunately.

All help greatly appreciated... I am an unhappy bunny since it was my wife's and I have now ruined it.

Thank you,


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It sounds like a rotary encoder with a built in pushbutton.

Mouser.com has a decent selection of rotary encoders. Digikey.com should have some too.


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Sure sounds like a custom part made by Creative only. If so, you're out of luck trying to find it from anywhere by Creative, and good luck trying to get one from them.


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You may find a borked one on EBay, and be able to scavenge it for parts. The odd "I sat on it" one comes up every now and then.
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