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Homemade solar cells

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I built several panels some years ago. [they still work!]
Here is a site that has individual cells for sale:
I have not ordered from them,
nor do I know anything about the book they are pushing.
Their prices appear reasonable.
Each individual cell produces around 1/2 volt.
The size determines the amperage.
Break one in half and the voltage is the same but the amperage is halved.
Regards. :idea:


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Its not realistic nor practical to make solar cells at home. Just have a close look at one, its not something you could bake in the kitchen oven :) However, as has been pointed out, you can buy individual cells and assemble 'solar PANELS' from them by connecting enough of them in series to get the voltage you want. If you want bigger amperage you need bigger individual cells or connect smaller ones in parallel.
That's fine if you just want to experiment and you have a cheap supply of surplus cells available.
If you need the solar cell assembly to generate reliable power, in rain or shine, you'd be better off to get a ready made sealed solar panel.
Yes, I know, they're expensive :(

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