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Help with breadboard audio player project

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Hi all, I'm a math and physics major in my junior year. I am in a class called Scientific Instrumentation. The class requires that, by the end of the year, I must design and build a project on a breadboard. I decided that I wanted to build a breadboard that will play the melody of "Africa" by Toto when a button is pressed. I understand how to make a breadboard but I'm running into an issue regarding the components that I can use to do this. The UM66 IC seems to only play certain melodies and cannot be changed from what I am led to believe. What IC could I use to play the melody? Is it even possible?

Nigel Goodwin

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Basically you want a small MP3 player, you can get such modules for little money, which play from a micro-SD card, and can be worked either from a few simple buttons, or controlled via a micro-controller.
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