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homework help

  1. B

    Help with breadboard audio player project

    Hi all, I'm a math and physics major in my junior year. I am in a class called Scientific Instrumentation. The class requires that, by the end of the year, I must design and build a project on a breadboard. I decided that I wanted to build a breadboard that will play the melody of "Africa" by...
  2. BaconSlide

    Need Help with this problem..

  3. ElectronicTy

    LM 741 Questions

    Hi all i have a problem with a LM741 op-amp, when calculating the output voltage i should have when inputting 12vpp using the formula Vo = Vi(1+Rf/Ri) and the values being vi = 12 rf = 6k Ri = 1.5k i should be having an output of 60v, but when building and simulating my design i only have...
  4. C

    Little help understanding CMOS circuit design.

    Question: Design a 3-input NOR gate. If the PMOS devices are half as conductive as the NMOS devices determine the correct transistor sizes. I understand how to design the pull up pull down circuit, just unsure about calculating the correct transistor sizes. Thanks
  5. S

    Help with 2nd grade science project

    Good morning, My 7yr old son came up with a concept for a science fair for a Wipe Reminder to remind kids to wipe when they get off the toilet. I've done some research and came up with an idea for a push or pressure switch as well as a digital recording module. My question is do I need some...

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