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Help Needed With Arduino Based Temperature Plotting


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I am a student I have master and as a final project I have mppt charge controller using arduino please can u help me I tried much but I didn't arrive to a good result I neeed circuit diagram in proteuse isis can someone help me please


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Since this is your project, we won't do the design for you, you need to show us what you have done so far.
So what is the program that you have tried with the Arduino?
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when I use here PWM the result that I find are really good but when I try to remplace it with arduino the result change and don't work even the voltermeter indicate other mesures


this is the the PV :


Can you please help mee ?


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I've never used an arduino, I use PICs for that type of thing, so I'm not familiar with that code.

Looking at the arduino analogwrite() function, the PWM frequency appears fixed at 490Hz which is very low for a switched mode regulator.

I'd expect a PWM frequency somewhere in the tens of kilohertz, normally - but I cannot see any PWM option for the arduino to generate high frequency PWM.

You should be seeing a PWM waveform anyway, as your code is little different to that in generic examples - though they just use analog value /4 rather than the "map" instruction.

eg. https://www.arduino.cc/reference/en/language/functions/analog-io/analogwrite/

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