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Graphic LCD 96x64 w/ SED1565 Controller

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Heh the best way to test a lot at once would be to make a demo/dev board for it something you can simply lay the LCD on and plug n play. The difference here is it doesnt have to be neat since its for testing only. Just make something with some pads where you can have it pressed against even if you have to hold it there heh...


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Yep - totally dead! And, like yours, mine are still in the factory trays. At the time it caused me a big problem because I was still developing my code (and was using SPI for the first time) and I didn't know if my code was bad or if the display was faulty. Eventually I bought a very cheap 7110 off Ebay and took the display out of that. Then I could get my code working with a known-good display.

Jason is right, the best way to go forwards would be to make up a little test bed for them. Soldering directly to the pins (like I did) does not make for quick, easy or fun testing!

I can't remember how much current they draw, will have to check when I get home and let you know.



Nope, no good. "The zipped file is corrupt or invalid"

Think I know why. Looks like ET zips the zip file.I used winrar to unzip it and added the zip extension to the file that WinRar extracted. It then opened up and could be unzipped if this makes sense.


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I did buy a big bunch of these LCDs from some guy state-side, but it looks like they might all be faulty (I've tried three and they were all dead). The only way to confirm if I had a problem with my code or the displays was to nab one from a working phone ;)
I'm assuming that everyone on this forum got their ECM-A0997-2 either from us or a reseller. I had 7 factory cases. I've visually inspected (but not electronically tested) every display prior to shipment. I will admit that there were about 10 out of 2000+ with 'NG' scratched into the film. I think they were all from the same case. It's possible that some tested bad during production and that's why they ended up on the surplus market. I will not knowingly sell defective goods. However, it's simply not practical to test everything that goes out the door. If you can convince me that you've built a valid test fixture and I sold you defective displays, I'll either replace or refund. At this point, I'm almost sold out and don't expect to get any more. I believe there are still more 'out there'.

--David (exdwh on eBay)


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^ I got mine from you. Also got your tac buttons. Nice.

All the LCD's I've tried (about 4 from my lot of 10) have worked fine. That's not saying others might not be faulty, but mine so far have been good.


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I'm assuming that everyone on this forum got their ECM-A0997-2 either from us or a reseller.

Hi David. Yes I think I did get mine from you actually, but I'd need to check back through my history on Ebay to confirm that.

I've only tried three of the LCDs so far, and I was basing my statement "it looks like they're all faulty" purely on the fact that I had 3/3 failures. But I don't actually know that they're all faulty.

I need to come up with a better way of testing them before I go any further, because soldering directly to the connector is no fun at all. Once I've come up with a more acceptable method of interfacing with them I'll test them all and see what happens. I'm not going to bother about asking for money back though - they were pretty cheap to be honest, I knew it was a risk when I was buying them. But I'll let you know the result just to satisfy interest.



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circle drawing code doesn't recognize aspect ratio

Coders have not fully grasped bresenham's algorithm
Coders in a drive to weld code to specific processors and to maximize performance often destroy the mathematical symmetry.
The code below is for a 7110 with a non square pixel 6x5 aspect ratio
and the radius is capped at 48 pixels (nokia 7110 is 96x65)
Failure to reflect the aspect ratio results in oval looking circles.
Most lcd's don't have square nxn pixels so circle routines fail to reflect the aspect ratio
This code below adheres more closely to the mathematical theory and will produce well proportioned circles if the aspect ratio is set correctly
pen_size is an integer and is the pixel with of the pen
solid is true if the circle is filled in
set_clr 1 is the pixel is set 0 the pixel is cleared

void lcd_circle(int8 x_ctr,int8 y_ctr,int8 radius,int8 pen_size,int8 solid,int8 set_clr)
int8 x,y,r,x1,y1;

signed int16 delta;

// The axis is shrunk to reflect the aspect ratio 
// this uses bresenham's algorithm
// theory
// 0=x^2+y^2-r^2 is true circle centered at 0,0 
// error is x^2+y^2-r^2
// looking at north to north east octant
// pixels are * 0
//              0 
// algorithm chooses pixel due east or south east
// * has the coord (x,y) both 0 pixels have an x coord of x+1
//   mid pt has coord of (x+1,y+1/2)
//   error is (x+1)^2+(y+1/2)^2 -r^2
//   error >0 draw south east ( x+1,y-1)  pixel   else draw east pixel (x+1,y)
//   now we can compute the error in advance for the next iteration
//   change in error from (x+1,y-1/2) to (x+2,y-1/2) is 2x+3
//                        (x+1,y-1/2) to  (x+2,y-3/2)  2x+3 -2y+2 
//   Note: delta is the error in the code below
//         if delta is <0 then we decrement y 
if (radius<48) r=radius;  // max radius is 48 pixels 
if (solid) pen_size=1;
for (r=radius-pen_size;r<=radius;r++)

// assume last step was to south east pixel from (0,r)  or 2*0-2*r+5
    y1=(long)y*(long)5/(long)6; /// aspect ratio
    x1=(long)x*(long)5/(long)6; /// aspect ratio
    lcd_line(x_ctr+x, y_ctr-y1, x_ctr+x, y_ctr+y1, set_clr);
    lcd_line(x_ctr-x, y_ctr-y1, x_ctr-x, y_ctr+y1, set_clr);
    lcd_line(x_ctr+y, y_ctr-x1, x_ctr+y, y_ctr+x1, set_clr); 
    lcd_line(x_ctr-y, y_ctr-x1, x_ctr-y, y_ctr+x1, set_clr);

    if (delta<0) delta=delta+(long)2*(long)x+(long)3;
    else          {delta=delta+(long)2*((long)x-(long)y)+(long)5;y=y-1;}
 if (x<=y) goto loop;
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latest drivers

Hi AtomSoft

I am looking for your latest driver for the Nokia 7110:

1>for hi-tech C18 or microchip c18
as well as
2>for the ccs compiler

looking into this forum get confused from were to get latest versions

thanks in advance and congratulations for the great job


additionally, do you have drivers for nokia lcd of 6100 ( controller S1D15G10 )???


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Heh sorry. im looking through it all tons of projects ive done and never posted... like a few hundred ... the issue is non are named good :(

Here it is:
You can download from here or from Attachment...
**broken link removed**

..SOURCE - Has Source C files and such
..Datasheet - Has the data sheet
..Schematic and Eagle Library - has well the schematic and eagle library and custom pinout picture:



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  • Nokia 7110..zip
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