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Fuzzy noise comes from Home theatre

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I have a sharp ht cn400d home theatre, and that i lately noticed a high fuzzy noise(the noise that a radio makes when not connected to a antenna) comes from inside it(mainboard), and the same noise comes from the 5 audio output channels too. The home theatre does not play any music other than the noise, and also the noise increases when the volume is increased.

I observed from where the noise comes and im unable to figure out what component actually makes the noise and i have attached a picture of the particular area of the mainboard which makes the noise, I also attached the schematic diagram of the area that makes the noise

Please help me repair this, and give me a clue of what should i replace, the caps or the coils.... Please assist...thanks in advance

The service manual pdf link



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Welcome to ETO, Vino!

Can you provide us with a screen shot of the entire schematic?
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