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audio filters

  1. V

    Fuzzy noise comes from Home theatre

    I have a sharp ht cn400d home theatre, and that i lately noticed a high fuzzy noise(the noise that a radio makes when not connected to a antenna) comes from inside it(mainboard), and the same noise comes from the 5 audio output channels too. The home theatre does not play any music other than...
  2. Holes Flow

    How to trigger my DS1054Z with a DG1022Z sweep?

    Experts, Objective/Goal: I have these 2 critters, and I want to use the scope as a poor-man's SA for just audio (up to 20kHz). Desired: I will set up a sine sweep on the DG, and feed it to the DS. But I want the scope to trigger on the start (lowest freq) of the sweep each time. This way, I...
  3. learning

    SMPS Power Supply for LA 4440 IC

    Are this Chinese made SMPS power supply compatible with LA 4440 IC? I mean that can I use it for any audio amplifier or Bluetooth mp3 FM module? Please tell me! If I can use it, then please tell me how I can do it?
  4. C

    Audio Controlled LED Chaser using Bandpass Filters and RGB LEDs

    Well, I have decided to take on a rather ambitious project to start out my 2016, but I am at a loss on where to start. I know what I want the project to do, and have a decent understanding of what needs to be done, but could use a little guidance in what circuit layouts would work best. I want...

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