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coil driver

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    IR Circuit question

    I'm trying to make a simple IR circuit that energizes a coil when the detector "sees" the beam (refer to attached schematic). The problem is when the everything is active, I have almost no current at the coil. Why am I losing so much current? I suspect it's because the base of the NPN transistor...
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    Magnetic Pendulum

    I'm trying to make a magnetic pendulum circuit for a holiday decoration, and I need some help. I found this circuit online (see attached JPG), but the circuit behavior is not consistent and it rarely works correctly. Most of the time, the coil is ALWAYS on (rather than momentarily on when the...
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    Fuzzy noise comes from Home theatre

    I have a sharp ht cn400d home theatre, and that i lately noticed a high fuzzy noise(the noise that a radio makes when not connected to a antenna) comes from inside it(mainboard), and the same noise comes from the 5 audio output channels too. The home theatre does not play any music other than...
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    5-200hz, 12-22VDC, 500ma max., Adjustable Solenoid Driver Circuit / PWM input

    Hi All, First time post here. Hope you're all having a good weekend. I'm doing a little project with a small clapper solenoid. It's one of the 5.5lb 12VDC, .25A 20mmDia. units sold on ebay. (ZYE1 P20/15). Though I don't have this one yet, so can give you the coil resistance, I'm working with one...

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