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Funky NE555

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I got a 555 timer from RS today, soldered all the connections because I wanted absolute accurate results. Well I have it all hooked up on a PCB (the punched out hole kind from rs) and made sure nothing was shorted or touching and when I hooked up my meter to test the operation it was going all over the place, I backed away from it and it started working just fine (a pulse about every 3.0s) but when I got my hand too close the static in me wacked it out again. Whats goin on? I thought maybe it was the cords around it with my lamp and soldering iron plugged in but that wasnt it. Could I be in a radio signal hot spot? Could I have damaged the chip on soldering? Im not a pro soldering but it should be able to take that little bit of heat, this happened before and one of you in here told me those things are super sensitive. I have the 555 with the little dot on top (there is no etch) left pin 0V right pin 9V 2&6 hooked together 4&8 hooked together pin 5 not used (cv) output to LED trigger tied with 2&6 resistor connected to 4&8 pos 9V, really simple stuff what am I doing wrong? Im gonna check the operation with the chip plugged into my breadboard to see if thats it because I have another chip (chip=NE555) Thanks everyone. Jim


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Post a schematic.
nevermind, i should have known its always my fault..... i hooked the 555ic's leads into my bb and wired in the external R&C and its workn like a charm, sorry.......
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