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Frequency divider module??

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I have the need of dividing the frequency output of a motor encoder so that my instrument can count the RPM's of the motor.

The encoder presently is set for 1024 pulses per rev. Encoder can not be reset. Too many other items are calibrated to the 1024.

My hardware is limited to 60,000 counts per minute (36m Hz?)
Max RPM of motor is 1100. I believe a divide by 2 will work but would use 2,4, or whatever I can find. I can program my device for number of pulses per rev.

I presently have a dc square wave out of the encoders, with a 3.0v amplitude. I am using a signal conditioning unit that converts the dc to a ttl signal and amplifies it. The level of that TTL signal is 4.5 volts.
I could put the divider circuit/module on either side of the scu.

I am a mechanical engineer with some (SOME) electrical/electronics background. I can assemble components, but would prefer something someone already makes.
Any one know of din rail type modules already made?? Or could I make something fairly inexpensively myself that would be reliable and accurate??



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If the hardware input limit 60000 pulses/min, this is 1kHz.
As i see, You have an expensive incremental position detector(encoder), i don't believe this like the 1100RPM.
For this purpose quite enough a disk with 12 holes, an infra LED with phototransistor (or opto-gate). The output frequency 220Hz.


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You can divide a frequency in half by using just about any flip flop IC such as a 4013, 4017,7474 etc.
Connect the -Q output to the D input.
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