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fm transmitter component-problem

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i have recently been the recipient of the schematic of an fm transmitter.
In this schematic, there seems to be a particular component called a '5 turn coil' .It has been marked as l in the schematic which i assume is an inductor.

what is a 5 turn coil and what exactly does it do?Can it be procured from any electronics store(if so,under what name,because no one in the store seems to have the slightest clue about what i am talking)?



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I think, this is a tank-coil. You can easy producing it: take some rod (e.g. drill) with 5mm diameter, and make 5 turns with 0.8...1mm diameter enamelled copper wire.


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btw, a standard straw is 5 mm, and then just go to rat shack for the enamaled wire.
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