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Floor cleaning machine

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Hi, I have done a floor cleaning machine using PVC Pipes and 1000 rpm motor when I tried to clean the floor the motor stopped running but when I lifted the motor up then it started running. Then I realised that motor load might be not sufficient. Can any one please guide me which power, Volt & Rpm motor I should use.



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Welcome to ETO, Ktatavarthy!
... I have done a floor cleaning machine using PVC Pipes and 1000 rpm motor ...
Try as I may, I can't see it...

For instance, of what use are the two wires coming out of the PVC pipe?



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As you give no specifications on either the motor or it's power supply, what do you expect us to suggest?.[/QUOTE

As I am not an electrical, electronic or science back ground as for hobby I am doing this type of experiment. So I need help what type of motor should I use for this project. The present 1000 Rpm doesn’t work properly as expected. So please help by suggesting what motor should I use heavy load.


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How heavy will the finished machine be? How big is your cleaning pad? Then you can estimate the static friction the motor will have to overcome, and choose a suitable motor. WTF is the picture you sent?!
Why are you using a DC motor and 220vac?! This is a terribly inefficient way to do things! I'm guessing you're going to need at least 1.5 hp with a regular commercial scrubbing pad.
Good luck having it hold together if you're using pvc pipes to build it! I can't wait to watch the fun on YouTube!

Nigel Goodwin

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I used 1000 rpm dc motor for which I connected a converter in between so that I can use 220 volts power.
1000rpm isn't a specification?, we need to know voltage, power etc.

However, it's a ludicrous idea uisng a low voltage motor and powering it from the mains - use a mains motor, which will give you MUCH greater power.
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