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ETO Chat slow to load


Super Moderator
We chat dwellers have noticed chat taking upwards of a minute to load with FF and Chrome. Edge seems to be the fastest with most normal load time.
We see a lot of new people coming in and they get impatient and start clicking the "Room" tabs, while the page loads they are off in an empty room clicking around then logging out.

Any way to improve the loading speed of Chat?


mvs sarma

Well-Known Member
I suppose that the problem is perhaps due to the app is located far deep and could be that same copied, and freshly loaded might improve the loading time.
Hope the site admin can support us.


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The whole of ETO was dead this morning (Sat 2017_01_14) between between about 6:30 am and around 7:30 am (I think) BST.



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I was having problem getting the site up as late as 09:30 today.

It is about time Administration got this sorted out or at least explained the cause.

I really have not got the time or patience for repeatedly trying to log in.



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From 6:30 am and still (10:35am) ETO has either been completely down or unusable due to an extremely slow response (other similar sites located in the states ran slightly slowly on occasions but were essentially normal).

BTW this post took 4 seconds to load

Then 2 seconds

Then 1 second



New Member
Getting 404 errors now. I hope the admin's haven't just deleted the chat without even let us say our goodbyes to one-another!


Chat's completely gone... How am I going to talk with those I know? A lot of good discussions were had in there. (╬⓪益⓪)

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