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Esp8266 webserver browser alerts, do they queue?

dr pepper

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Running some code using ajax on a esp8266, if it loses comms the browser flags up an alert, funny enough using the html alert command.
Thing is I cant get rid of the bloomin alert it keeps comming back, if I send 10 alerts all the same do I have to clear it 10 times?
If so I'll use a bool and send once.
I read something somewhere about how to fix this in java, but cant remember where.


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How can you send any alerts if you've lost comms? Can you give us a simple example?


dr pepper

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Yes something like this:

$ajax(blah blah){}
success: {do this}
error: function() {alert: "No comms"}

I think I got that about right, the ajax function if theres an error runs the ;error:' line, and if theres an interval command setup it'll do so every time if the ajax fails, clogging up the browser with alerts.
I'm pretty sire now the browser que's the alerts, so adapting to send just one is a good idea methinks, then you dont have to close the browser to get the page back.

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