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ESD on wires

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I am working on a product that has wires (+/-ve) connected from a contact pad on the surface of the product. The contact is for charging battery. The wire is about 5cm long and connects to the PCB. When contact discharged on the contact pad, there is significant radiation from the wire that causes disturbance in other products in the vicinity (withing 2-5cm away).

I am trying to contain and dissipate the radiation caused by the ESD discharge. Any ideas how this can be done?

If I use shielded wires, where would the shield be connected to since these products are small and do not have chassis ground. It has system ground plane on the PCB. I could add a copper tape on the case to use as chassis ground. Any thoughts here would be helpful.

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Connecting the shield even at only one end at the PWB ground plane would help, leaving the other end of the shield open. I would also twist the two wires together before shielding.

If possible, redesign the product so that a large current/voltage spike does not flow through external wires, but rather the external contact pad controls a switch near the load to reduce the conductor loop area of the high current/voltage path.

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