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Electronic Organ

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I am a Digital Systems III student and hav e been assigned to do a project on an Electronic Organ,

This project will enable the user to use the keypad to play one of sixteen audio tones.It must feature the ability for the user to record a minimum of ten tones together with the duration of the keypress, so that the exact tune can be played back. Tones will be created by setting the internal timer in a specific way and outputting a certain frequency on a port pin.This must be connected to a circuit that can drive a loudspesker directly.

Please help me with whatever information /data/refernces that can assist me with this project. How to go about it and any other information that can be of help ASAP.

Thanking you in advance.


Define Requirements

1.) Will you actually build the circuit? If so, using what method?

2.) What is your budget?

3.) What is your schedule?

4.) What is the needed accuracy of pitch and duration?

5.) What is your basic plan so far?


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1) Yes,i have to build the circuit.Am not sure what you mean by "what method", but i must use an 8051 Eprom,a hex keypad a speaker and other components.
2)My bugget is R300
3) Schedule, two weeks as from today.
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