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Electric Parking Brake Module

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Hi, i had my EPB module burned, when i jumped the motor wiring to adjust the cables. At the first time had i hit the right polarity, it has moved, but the wrong way. Then i turned the polarity, but forgot pull the shoes off from motor to PCB...the motor works, why not, but the circuit board had also smoked. Fail.
I screw my own vehicles myself 99% without any problem, i had the module also disconnected, but not the platine. I say always: "Learning by doing", but the microelectronics is not my playground.
The both MOSFET had i indentified, there are automotive quality IRFR4104 N-Channel SMD-s, but there are also 2 smaller IC-s burned with 6 feets, i don´t know what they are, every help comes good, you are the experts. And can be also, than this a multi layer board is.



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I screw my own vehicles myself 99% without any problem.
Looks like you succeeded to screw it 100% this time.:) Adding the preposition "with" might help.

Kidding aside, the 6-pin devices could be almost anything, like mosfet pairs, logic devices, comparators, or op-amps. I would lean toward the latter two. There is also probably some sort of microprocessor that is shot. If so, your chance of getting its code is nil. If you peel the conformal coating from the 6-pin devices, there may be a label that will help identify them.

In reality, I think a visit to an automotive recycler is your best option.



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You need the numbers of the 6 pin chips, theres a posability they are dual MOSFETS one P type & one N type in one package. Ive seen that type of chip in motor controls. Just a posability.
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