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Driving Senscomp electrostatic transducers

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Has anyone used the series 600 electrostatic tranducers from Senscomp before?

I need to drive the transducer with different frequencies and with different number of pulses. The sonar ranging module that comes with it (Senscomp 6500 ranging module) only allows driving the tranducer with 16 pulses at 49.4 kHz.

The suggested driving signal for the transducer has to be 200 V peak waveform riding on a 200V DC bias (Combine voltage fluctuates between 0 to 400V with the DC bias at 200V). Wonder if anyone has can recommend some circuits to provide this signal. I have no problems generating a +/- 10V peak waveform with the desired duration and frequency. But how do I amplifiy it and add the 200V DC bias?

Will be great if component part numbers can be given too because I am not sure what what op-amps would be suitable for such high voltage application.

Thanks in advance.
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