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Discussion/experiences with non OEM toner and ink jet cartridges

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People that refill their cartridges are welcome too.

So, me first:

B&W Laser printer Toner

The HP toner for my B&W printer is like s $200.00 USD for 5000 pages. Never mind that a printed page is weird unit.
I always keep a spare on hand. The spare was one was from an ebay seller who is long gone bought say a year ago.
So, because I swapped the cartridge in troubleshooting, it was bad. Dropouts on the left 2" of the page. Cleaned the drum, but not agressively. Old cartridge worked fine. The new one was < $17.00 USD with shipping. It;s not going to make me change back ton OEM cartridges.

The printer had a serious problem - required baking the formatter bard for 8 minutes at 350 F.

Epson Inkjet cartridges

That was a disastrous experiment. What the Multifunction inkjet did was made me want to buy a laser printer (Duplex/network/flat paper path capable). Epson might make nice printers and when I got to a real person they liked my suggestion for their scanning software, but it was never implemented. The scanner wasn't duplex, but was muli-sheet. They just needed a suffix for their auto-generated file names.
e.g. DOCUMENT####SIDEF; SIDE Front or Back wasn't available. The printer duplexed, but the scanner did not.

So now there is a color MFC laser printer in the mix.


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I have a Samsung multi function laser printer and the toner cartridges for that are AU$130 each and there are 4 of them. I too got some of ebay for AU$30 each and they work fine. Just checked and I can now get a set of 4 for AU$96 (edit now $86) instead of $520 for Samsung ones.



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What toner does your HP use? Probably a long shot, but I have a 61A for the HP4101mfp. The printer itself is like a tank (both in weight and sound), makes great copies, but is not wireless.

My routine laser printer is a Brother HL2270DW. I only use OEM cartridges (original small volume +3 high volume since I have owned it), and it has been long enough ago that I don't remember the pain from buying my last one. It uses TN-450, which are about $40 to $50 for OEM sealed on ebay. It's only fault is that the toner is not as "hard" as the HP toner. For color, I use a Canon PIXMA inkjet. No problems yet and very rarely used. I expect problems with cartridges because of that, but that will be more my fault than the printer's.



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53x cartridge for a HP LJ P2015dn (duplex B&W, wired Network)
has done 37,000K pages
manual paper tray is Klutsy - Everytime it's opened, you feel like it's going to break, (It's a latch issue - plastic tab, friction)
Two services:
Pick-up rollers and cleaning
Bake Formatter board (last weekend)
I'd like to find an the upgraded - Delivery frame assembly RM1-1291-020; -000 is the original p/n and
the Cover, paper pick-up roller RC2-0420-000. The upgraded fuser, p/n
RM1-4247-020 should come with the new delivery frame assembly. Problem is, you can't be certain which part your getting.
The duplexer doesn't 100% work with the original part. More like 98% of the time.

I basically wanted networking, duplexing and a straight paper path (single sheet only) and PostScript.
Miss the lack of a display - I bought a bunch of LJ4/LJ4m+ for work and one other one, We also had an Apple Laserwriter NTX
one other one was bought, but I forget the model some years later. There was a LJIII in use too.

I have an Epson Artisan 800 Inkjet Uses T98 or T99 cartridges (forget which)
Can scan stack of single-sided sheets (scanner needs fixing) to legal size
Can FAX if it was connected and fixed.
prints on a CDs.
Has an SD slot and Pictbridge.
Used in wireless Ethernet mode.
So, the hardest part was scanning two-sided pages automagically.
Ink was too expensive.

Bought a HP Jet Pro M477fdw Color Laser Printer, but it's not out of the box.
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