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different motor drives

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hi all. can anyone help me to solve these problem?
(1)i need a servo motor drive,which can rotate the shaft in clockwise and anticlockwise directions.
(2)i also need a stepper motor drive,which can rotate the shaft in both direction.
if u have,plz post a link here or explain how to implement it.thank u all.


When you say servo motor drive, I am assuming you mean one in which you want an actuator to go to a certain position and then the motor drives the system until it gets there? In any case, you can build such a closed loop system using any of a number of motor driver circuits, a position sensor (maybe even just a pot at the elbow of your actuator) and then using a PID or some other type of controller implemented in a microcontrollor.

As for the stepper motor driver, there are many stepper motor circuits available on the internet for various micro flavors as well as some parallel port drivers. perhaps you should clarify your question somewhat. Here is a link for a simple parallel stepper driver including both hardware and software.

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