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Definitive Technology W9 speaker power board


New Member
Hey guys, I'm an electrics technician working on a Definitive Technology W9 speaker that got hit by lightning. I've replaced all of the capacitors and if you and a few mosfets but there are three resistors that are too burnt to be identified I was wondering if anyone had schematics any help would be appreciated

Nigel Goodwin

Super Moderator
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Can't help on a schematic, but where the capacitors damaged? - or did you replace them because they were cheap crap, domed or leaking?.

I've had LOT'S of experience with lightning damaged equipment, and it would be extremely rare for capacitors to be damaged. Are there are IC's in this device?, it's usually those that get killed by lightning. Although I did once replace a goodly number of blown IC's in a TV, and got the set working, only to find it had damaged the CRT as well :(


New Member
The good majority of the electrolytic caps were domed but a few were straight up singed and burned the board. I have a picture of the resistors on the power board but the files too big to post. The board has very few ic chips but my main issue is that it's not powering on. These burnt resistors are in the main power circuit but they are completely open.

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