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Damaged circuit board


New Member
In my attempt to clean up the old solder, I think I damaged the ribbon. Should I bother re-attaching the usb port or is this a lost cause? The 2 center paths look like they are completely gone. Im such a noob... lol



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Use a continuity meter. This is not to diagnose visually.
If trace is interrupted, look if there is a solderable place for it somewhere else and run a thin wire to the replaced connector pin bypassing the foil. Seems there is a J1 second USB connector next. Is that one operational ?


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OK, smart idea. One of the pins from the J2 port was damaged. The intention of the repair was to swap J1 and J2. I will start by checking for continuity.



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Otherwise just bypass the flexPCB and add some 26 or 28 gauge wire between usb connector and their destination. Put a bit of solder on each stripped wire before attaching to the usb connector or the destination.

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