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do u mean that u want instead of a potentiometer to use 2 buttons one to turn the voltage up, the other down and same for the curent......something like a digital volume control?
well u could use a 22or 10 stage up/down cunter and some resistors for the output, so for each resistor u change u have a different voltage...


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It looks like you built a variable voltage and current power supply. Cool. But its only variable because of the pots. Then you said that you wanted to use 4 buttons, 2 for volts, 2 for current. You could do that, but you would only have 2 different voltages and 2 different currents. Then its not that variable.
You would probably have to do something like bogdanfirst said. I would say go with the 22 counter so you can vary it more. But you would never be able to get the varability a pot gives you.


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More resolution?

If an 8-bit binary up/down counter was used then with some binary-weighted resistors (8 of them!) you could achieve a much better resolution - setting the output to the nearest 10th of a volt (ish).

With two of them cascaded for 16 bits ....
. . . makes you think about poxy old noisy pots don't it :?:
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