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control timer circuit

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You need to give us a bit more detail - what is the application of this timer, how should it be triggered, what type of output do you need, etc.


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Probably a washing machine.
Those things are awful, full of cogs and cams.
I changed to a few switches when mine broke down.

I have a switch for the heater, which is fed through the
water level sensor, so it wont get hot with no water.

I have a three position rotary switch for the motor with
its middle position as 'off' its also got a relay attached
so that the motor cannot be switched straight into the
other direction before it has stopped turning.

Use caution with the motor components as the motor
generates voltages way over the supply voltage.

The disadvantage is that i have to do it manually.
But i don't mind.

Regards, John :)
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