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Conjoining usb devices into single power source?


New Member
Hi guys,

Complete novice know-nothing here, just wondering if you could help me out..

I have 6 USB powered devices seperate to each other that I want to link up to a single power source (Portable battery). Each are 2.5W, 5V DC.

Would the easiest option here be to get a 6-port adapter or wire it myself (I can solder)? I'm not even sure if the adapter would lessen the output, and also what size battery I should get to make devices last around 1/2hr-1hr. That's how inept at this I am sorry!

Any help greatly appreciated, cheers!


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just use a powered hub... you really can't "combine" USB devices in the sense you are thinking of. a USB hub is a local cntroller and manages the data i/o for each individual USB device. there are powered USB hubs with up to 12 slots... and then from there the hub connects to a USB slot on the computer

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