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Competition #1: Most Imaginative Project

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I did send mine last week but didn't get a confirmation that it was acsepted or rejected or looked at in the first place

so where can we find out what the status is from your own submittal?



Mine is being prepared for this contest. I don't have a photo in time for the deadline, hope a sketch layout will do.


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you still have 9 days are you sure you can't borrow a cam from a friend? as for mine i am finishing the documentation today and should be done by end of day.


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How come I only see this now, a week before it ends? :\ I look forward to a more digitally driven contest though, I would love to be involved in that.
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Competition #1: Most Imaginative Project

Welcome to the very first Competition on Electro Tech!

Sponsored by: BlueRoomElectronics.com - Supplier of PIC based microcontroller kits


Using limited components you must build the most imaginative electronics project. You can use any number and type of interface components (for example LEDs, Relays, Switches, speakers, mics, etc.), however you are limited to maximum of 4 transistors, 10 resistors, and 6 capacitors. You must have a decent amount of text explaining your project, any schematics and also a photo of the completed project.


For this competition judging will be based on creativity and presentation. Both Moderators and Members have the chance to vote. Moderators (all 6) will each vote on their favorite project giving that project 1 point. Members will also be able to vote and the project with the most votes will be awarded 3 points, second 2 points and third 1 point. That makes a total of 12 points. The top three projects with the most points will win prizes. If there is a draw, the decider will be highest number of Member votes.


1# $100 Voucher and a Junebug ( link )
2# $50 Voucher
3# $25 Voucher

Entering the Competition

Entries can be submitted by email. Simply send your entry to electro.tech.online.com@gmail.com before 18th June 2008 (6 weeks from this post) and you will be entered into the competition. The subject of the email should be "Contest Entry For Electro Tech". Things to include in the email are:

Contact Information -Forum Username, Real name and Postal Address.
Documentation - Project Title, Project Overview, Theory of Operation, Bill of Materials, Comments/Notes.
Images - Schematics, PCB pictures, Finished Project.
Video - Do not send via email because of gmail limit, however mention it and we will work something out. Video is not required it is optional.

Please double check your work before sending it in. This is very important because you will be allow one revision only. That means if you send it in with mistakes and wish to correct them you only have one chance. This is to prevent to much work for publishing them on the site.

Good luck to all!


Note: Please do not debate the competition rules in this thread, if you want to comment on how competition work please use the Feedback/Comments forum. However, if you are unsure or do not understand a rule then it is okay to ask her.

Bam right there :)


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hello! i sent in my project about 8-10 days ago and it's still not listed. i am going to send it again in case it was lost. can someone PM me in regards to weather there were any complications with my entry if possible? i had received a response to my first email with my submission however several follow up emails have not had a response and i was getting a bit concerned as to weather or not my entry was excepted or not. thanks in advance
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