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Competition #2: Entries and Voting

Vote for the best non microcontroller MHLDC

  • musthave: TTL 70's thecnology 32 output 3 controller

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  • shokjok: Christmas light chaser

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Please vote for the best Mini Holiday Light Display in the non microcontroller catagory. Feel free to add comments about the entries which you can find in this thread.

Techmanx is has the only entry in the microcontroller catagory and wins by default. He did a good job so check out his entry in the thread above.

Techmanx and one of the 3 other contestants will be awarded $125 in credit from Sunstone Circuit Boards. We would like to thank Sunstone for the generous contribution.

I learned a bit about timing. Next year the build period will include the holiday break so students and others can use that time to enter.
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As only one entry included a schematic and a visible assembly I could only vote one way.



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So we have one who included only a video.
One who included only a schematic.
Myself who included nothing. :rolleyes:
And one who included both a schematic and video.
Congrats Boncuk :)

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