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Competition #1: Results


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Voting closed on the 17th. The rankings are as follows. These are official but not final as they are subject to review by ElectroMaster.

Winners in order of points
7 Charge Pump Using Astable Multivibrator
2 Miniature Christmas Tree
1 High/Low Pulse Indicator

Moderators (all 6) will each vote on their favorite project giving that project 1 point. Members will also be able to vote and the project with the most votes will be awarded 3 points, second 2 points and third 1 point. That makes a total of 12 points. The top three projects with the most points will win prizes. If there is a draw, the decider will be highest number of Member votes.

Members Votes
31 Charge Pump Using Astable Multivibrator
15 Miniature Christmas Tree
13 High/Low Pulse Indicator
09 The Making Of Zorgotron
05 How To Make A Fake Car Alarm Out Of An Old Nokia 3210 Phone

The judges cast 4 votes for Charge Pump Using Astable Multivibrator. Two Moderators did not vote.

1# $100 Voucher and a Junebug ( link )
2# $50 Voucher
3# $25 Voucher
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