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Com ports C++ and arduino

Ian Rogers

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If you are using MFC then the library is readily available... However! If you haven't a com port Use a CDC library...

For PC development I use Lazarus... Its as easy as VB6 and with the Synaser library it's a doddle... Anyone who knows pascal will breeze through.


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Just use the serial monitor. If that doesn't work, ask a different question.



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In c++? You mean with the Arduino IDE? Open the Serial Monitor from the drop-down menu. Then use Serial.begin(9600) in your code and set the Serial Monitor to the same baud rate (lower right corner) as your Serial.Begin command.

Or, if using a home brew app, then you need to push bytes from the arduino using the Serial.begin and serial.print() or println commands to send the data to some program that is receiving the data.

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