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circuit description for half duplex walky-talky needed

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i am doing a project at college, where i need a circuit diagram for walky-talky and its related technical specifications. can anyone of u plz help :?:


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if you get info send it my way

well based on what your looking for all I can tell you is it consists of a key, microphone, frequency converter of some sort and frequency detector/microphone, an amp then output to speaker.

but the info i am looking for is if there are skematics for a 2way radio to use more than 1 channel at one time on the same radio because when u switch channels the other is completly off or is it? I think the receiver is controled by a saved program on these if so is it rom

so if you can help it would be appreciated

E-mail [email protected]


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hi, i am looking for the same thing as my project college. But i want to use that circuit for tranmeter and reciver for council busses. The bus can send signa; within 1km of distance to the user and the user can get on the bus on time with out worrying.
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