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Charismatic speakers and life/business lessons


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Don't know if any of you have previously come across Nickolas Means before, but I have recently enjoyed watching quite a few of his presentations.
This evening, after viewing the below Youtube video, I thought it would be a great one to share:


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Did you watch the video, and if so, what did you get to take away from it?

I got something along the lines of this:
Far too often, in all aspects of life, we seek someone to pin the blame on, in order to give quick answers when something goes wrong. Sometimes, it’s quite obviously down to a ‘don’t give a crap’ attitude from a particular worker, but in most others it’s not until sometime further down the line that the full extent of a situation becomes known, and quite often there are mitigating factors that may have apportioned blame differently, had they been initially apparent. Most people don’t go to a job with the intention of making mistakes, but eventually, a mistake is likely going to happen to someone, at some point. How we deal with those mistakes, and put in place procedures to prevent any recurrence, or not, is what can make or break a business. Given the opportunity to frankly discuss a large mistake, after the fact, without the impending doom of dismissal looming overhead, most people would likely be able to walk someone else through what transpired without glossing over the details in order to protect themselves.
That's where lessons are truly learned and policies/procedures become strengthened/improved.
"You're fired! Get out of here!" does little towards getting to the root cause of a particular problem, because the best person able to give a full account of the minutiae is now gone...

My 0.02


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Usually the people that get the "your fired! get out of here" have made far to many mistakes already. Its more like cutting out rot then getting to any roots.


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That's not always the case though, because of mitigating circumstances...
I previously worked with a guy who was a bit of a "man-mountain", but was one of the nicest guys you would want to meet.
An ex-doorman who had the scars to prove it, and was commended by the local Mayor for his part in apprehending/subduing a bank robber.
He had a pretty good work ethic, where he wanted to do the best job he could, but also had what I would call an unhealthy respect for 'authority'.
What I mean by that, is that the shop supervisor would often call his name, and he would come running instantly, where the rest of us would always get to a known point where we could stop a job, see what the 'supposed urgency' was, then pick up where we left off.
The d*ckhead supervisor would sometimes play around with the fact he would come running so readily, and say something like 'Oh, it doesn't matter now' when he appeared.
Those kind of unnecessary distractions have no place when the repercussions put someone's livelihood on the line.
After I left that job, I later learned that he had been let go for 'making too many mistakes'.
Had he been left alone to do the job he was adequately capable of, the mistakes would have been very few and far between.

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