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Capture infinite loop by consistently monitoring current consumption

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Bin Lu

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I recently come up an idea to make IOT system debugging much easier. It is patent-able. Wondering if any of you are interested in working together to make it a good sale.

Here are more detailed info:
1. Measure current in 30nA resolution in real time. yet keep dynamic range in 30nA - 1A
2. Having 2 wires JTAG interface. so that it will record program running history and the registers when the IOT gets into an infinite loop by measuring the current change.

I have hardware prototype ready. about to start software development. My contact: [email protected]
Attached please find the screen shot of schematic and layout design.

Best regards.





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What's wrong with a hardware watchdog?


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As above - just put a ping out on a pin at regular intervals and monitor it with an external watchdog.


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Even of this is a great idea, this "piblic presentation" has probably invalidated any ability to patent the idea on many countries, and started a 1 year timer in the US.

Say you spent the $6k or more it costs to get a patent in the US - that protects you in the US only. If you want protection elsewhere, every country requires a patent.

So what's a patent do for you? Say a company offers a product with your super duper idea in it. There arw no patent police to call. A patient gives you the right to pursue legal action. You would have to laywer up and file a law suit to get action. He who can afford the most laywers wins.

Sorry for this harsh reality check.
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