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current measurement

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    Capture infinite loop by consistently monitoring current consumption

    I recently come up an idea to make IOT system debugging much easier. It is patent-able. Wondering if any of you are interested in working together to make it a good sale. Here are more detailed info: 1. Measure current in 30nA resolution in real time. yet keep dynamic range in 30nA - 1A 2...

    Current to Voltage Converter

    Hello there, I am interested on a Current to Voltage Converter, that basic says, "A current to voltage converter will produce a voltage proportional to the given current". This configuration can be used equally well for devices that source their current via some positive excitation voltage...
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    Measuring/Calcuating Battery life of a wearable device

    We are a developing a wearable device with BLE technology (BT Smart). We are not able to accurately measure battery life our device. The battery dies faster (about 30 days) than expected/calculated time of over 300 days. We can improve the performance once we have better measurement accuracy...

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