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Burnt Table fan thermal fuse

Hello, I have three table fans whose thermal fuses test no continuity. Since where I live repairing them is worth it, I tried to look for the small burnt fuses but they're very difficult to source. Is there any other options like bypassing them or else?

Note: The pictures are from the Internet but similar to my appliance.


Nigel Goodwin

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If you bypass the thermal fuse then you're removing a layer of protection, and making them a potential fire hazard - thermal fuses are a pretty standard component, and should be available pretty well anywhere.

Here's a similar one, just with a higher current capacity:


And RS ship all over the world, and even have a presence in a great many countries.


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like Nigel said bypassing a thermal fuse is a bad idea.... something caused them to fail, and if that was heat from a shorted winding in the motor, you might get a fire as a result of bypassing the fuse. if it was overheated because the motor needs it's bushings/bearings cleaned, than correct the cause of the overheating.... still, best advice is to replace the fuse rather than bypassing it.

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