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BTEC Second year

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Hi, I'm doing my 2nd year of BTEC National Diploma in Electrical and electronic engineering.

For my project I was thinking about making a digital clock using ripple counters and 7 seg displays.

I have 28 weeks to do this and I'm not sure if this will be too easy or too hard.

I'm more worried about it being to hard as people has done very simple projects in the past and still got a good grade.

In terms of ability I'm pretty good i'd say and I personally feel I should be able to do this.

Let me know your ideas and if you have any advice on this,


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With 28 weeks to complete it, it should be doable. Why not draw an initial diagram and post it. Any mistakes will soon be picked up by other posters and you should have a workable circuit in a week or two.

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