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Brunswick Bio Flo controller

Discussion in 'Electronic Projects Design/Ideas/Reviews' started by Little Ghostman, Feb 18, 2018.

  1. KeepItSimpleStupid

    KeepItSimpleStupid Well-Known Member Most Helpful Member

    Oct 30, 2010
    The stirrers might use "microstepping" just for smoothness. Micro-stepping defines discrete current levels for each coil, so they can position "between" discrete positions.
  2. Little Ghostman

    Little Ghostman Well-Known Member Most Helpful Member

    Jan 7, 2011
    I will be updating this next week with pics, most of next week if it goes to plan, is to get as much of this running as I can. Main problem is the variac, I cant afford one for 5 weeks as mothers day has taken up all the cash flow. It comes at the wrong time!! Jan and feb are slow months mainly, but most the soap we do takes ~7-8 weeks to mature. So Christmas time is when we make Mothers day soap, most the outlets we sell into order them for the two weeks before mothers day.

    So we then have to wait 28 days to get paid which stretches to 5 weeks roughly for most. Also i need to switch the electric bill date, it all falls the same weeks which makes it hard!! But coming upto our first year i can see loads of things we can change to make cash flow better. So sick of making bath sets the last few weeks!! Got some male products coming out soon, and a male lifestyle type online magazine.

    We havnt used the net much yet for selling, but the site and shop almost complete ready to go live. Our local printer has gone bust a few weeks ago, he did all our label printing. Great price and really good quality, he also did small runs (100) for all digital printing the quality was excellent. But looks like another local business hasnt paid his bill and the guy is having to shut down..... Real shame.

    I will make do without a variac for now, its a couple of months of breathing in at the moment lol. The new soap kitchen cost a fortune, i got alot of the stainless steel benches from a restaurant that was having its kitchens redone, Still eye watering what they cost though, the biggest shock was tiles!! 11,000 white tiles as we ended up going for a smaller tile (long story). Its taken alot longer to get going than i thought, we have had good levels of custom from the start but its the things you dont think of that take time.

    Just setting up the actual business took ages.

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