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Automotive unused audio controls how would you approach this

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Hi All

First post but been reading all the great info here for a while.

Anyway my question is that on my Honda motorcycle I have an audio system it has room for expansion such as a CD changer.

Now I don't want to add a changer I just want to use a couple of the controls for other items, ordinarily I would just disconnect the existing wire off the switch and rewire it for my use, unfortunately because of the way it is wired and the way the existing audio system works I cannot do this.

What I need to do is find a way to tap off these switches while retaining the existing use/circuit and not feed anything back to the existing system.

So what I need to do is end up with is a voltage free open/close contact from these switches which are monetary SPDT.

Thanks For Any Ideas In Advance

Not open for further replies.

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