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Anyone have experience with XPorts?

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I'm using a Lantronix Xport to send sensor data up to my server. I've tested my design at several locations and it works great everywhere except at one place.

At this place the XPort is connected to a 2Wire 2701HGB DSL Gateway and is only able to connect once when it first powers up. It works fine everywhere else, and when we use a Linux PC to mimic the operation of the XPort it also works fine.

Does anyone have experience using Lantronix XPort devices and have any clue what the cause might be?


Which Xport model do you have.
What exactly is it doing/not doing?
How have you got it connected ?
When you say it only connects once - it that to the gateway or to the LAN?


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It's the XPort-03 XP1001001-03R which I recently updated to the most recent firmware.

Every few seconds I tell it to connect to my server on a specific IP and port, then send a string if a connection is successful. The program on the server listens for connections and records the string if one is received.

I have it on a PCB I made with a 3.3V supply and a Microchip PIC which sends the XPort commands.

The XPort is connected through an ethernet cable to the 2Wire DSL gateway.

To function ideally, I should see a new string being recorded on the server every ten seconds or so. It works ideally at my house connected to my router and it works perfectly connected to my friend's home router. However when we set it up at the location we hope to install it, with this 2wire gateway, it only logs one string when we first power on the XPort board or when we unplug and re-plug the ethernet cable from the XPort.

I also have a test program that runs on a Linux PC that performs the same function as the XPort - make a socket connection and send a string - and it works fine when we use it in the same place as the XPort.

As I am out of state I have to do all troubleshooting over the phone, so I don't yet know if the XPort gets a proper IP and is stable. I was just hoping some other techie may have run into a similar problem.
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Symmetry TME

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Hello Chuddleston,

I work for Symmetry Electronics and we are the franchised distributor for Lantronix.

Have you tried sending this inquiry directly to the Lantronix Tech Support? The guys there usually respond within 2 business days, and are generally very helpful.

Here is a link to their support portal: Ask a Question

And if you need any other Lantronix parts (maybe you want to implement WiFi into your existing design), you can purchase the parts at our e-commerce store here: Lantronix - Lantronix > Lantronix Networking Solutions at SemiconductorStore.com

If you can't get the answer you are looking fro from Tech Support, I can try firing up one of these modules on my side and seeing if I can find what the issue is.

I hope this helps.

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