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Electro Tech is an online community (with over 170,000 members) who enjoy talking about and building electronic circuits, projects and gadgets. To participate you need to register. Registration is free. Click here to register now.

  • Welcome to our site! Electro Tech is an online community (with over 170,000 members) who enjoy talking about and building electronic circuits, projects and gadgets. To participate you need to register. Registration is free. Click here to register now.

Anybody interested in helping start a new project website?

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Would anybody be interested in helping with a new project website. The basic idea is that a project idea would be submitted by a member and then other members would help to develop the idea and produce a working design. Hopefully this would allow people to tackle more adventurous projects than they would have on their own. The circuit diagrams,, tutorials etc would then be made available on the website for other people to use.

It's only an idea at the moment but if I get a positive response I will develop it further.
That's a great idea...

I'll be happy to be one of the first members to be there....

Use a .php script to make it easier to post.... :wink:
Glad you think its a good idea i'll start getting on to it. I know a little php, so I was kinda thinking along those lines, maybe using a content management script like phpNuke. Anyway I'll keep you posted on how it is going. Hopefully will have a homepage set up in the next few days.
Thanks for all the encouragement, has anybody got any ideas about for a domain name, most of the obvious ones have already been taken so it will have to be something a bit different.
HELLO EVERYONE!!! my first post :D I think it would be great to startup a "home" page. Like, and They started out like the same way . Basically starting a whole new community on the web! So, I look forward to seeing this new "nieghborhood" on the net and if help be needed, help be there :oops:

BTW, if you havent found a hosting service yet. I recomend
They've hosted my site ( and a few others that didn't go so well :oops: for the past three years. Awesome customer support and they even accept paypal! A few times ive been late on payments and they never nagged or shut down the site. So check them out.......oh yhea the domain name. hmm..... how'bout lol anyways... lates!
Hi everyone, I've started to build the website, I chose as the domain name. And have chosen to provisionally use Land Down Under as the conent management program **broken link removed** so hopefully it will be up in the next day or so, just waiting on the hosting company to sort my account out.
Website online

The website has now been set up at, I am a few days away from accepting projects but I have set up the forum and wrote a short article about my ideas for the website. Please visit the site and leave any sugestions you have in the forum. If you are interested in helping with the site, submitting a project please visit the site and leave me (i'm the user called admin) a private message, thanks for all your support lets hope we can build a good site.
Isn't this forum for that? Just that no one really posts in the project sections.

Anyway, I have a clock I have been working on for a while, got a few hours worth of work done on it. Needs a more accurate crystal. I quit working on it though when I sat down and figured up the cost of actually producing one of theese clocks.... $100 or so for everything, assuming $50 goes towads a professional PCB shop.

Current Specs:
  • Powered by an ATmega128 (can be replaced by nearly any ATmega part with at least 1 serial port and an RTC)
  • Day, month, year, hour, minute, and second is set through RS-232
  • Device currently outputs time and date every 1 second through RS-232
  • Takes leap years into account

Work to do:
  • Replace internal (and very inaccurate) oscillator with 32.768 watch crystal
  • Add alarm capability to the software
  • Add ability to store alarms in EEPROM (set through RS-232 comm) and read them to memory
  • Add ability to have alarm records repeat every day (morning wakeup), week (Mon-Wed-Fri / Tues-Thurs classes or TV show alerts), month (pay bills), year (birthdays, anniversaries)
  • Add snooze capability
  • Consider WinBond speech synthesis for alarms, very simple to implement
  • Add daylight savings time support

I also have a BOM that lays out every part needed and their costs from Digikey except for the PCB and WinBond speech chip. It includes a 104 dB siren for waking my sleepy butt up, and battery backup elements as well. Connect it to your PC, program it, disconnect it, unplug it, plug it into your wall and be done with it unless you need to change the alarms.

Wait... I didn't include the necessary multiplexors to direct the output pins to the proper alphanumeric character. Everything else is there I believe.
Thanks for your suggestion for a project, I shall post it on the website. The idea behind the website is that it should allow members to easilly work on the same project. Each project will have a 'home page' on the site, this is where projects details are, essentially it is only one main document, that other members (with the correct permissions) can update. It should also allow members to easilly share files like SPICE schematics. Other members who aren't directly involved in the project can post comments about the project but not actually alter the project. I hope you can see how this takes the idea of the projects forum on this site a little futher. In the future i hope to provide kits for the projects featured on the site, so that people can get pcb's for their projects made for a reasonable price (as we will be able to purchase in bulk)
sounds like a great idea, like taking this general forum to another level, a more specialized area for specific projects... a DIYers all around website for electronics. i like it alot. i'll be sure to visit it often so i can watch it progress.
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