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Any advice on identifying the HV wires on an old flyback.

I've recently acquired a few old RCA 115876 flyback transformers. I could use some help identifying which wires go to what. It's an old fashioned style flyback. I'm also pretty sure that the red wires are low voltage because they only have a couple of turns on them. I just need to know how to find the input and high voltage output of this transformer. Thanks in advance -Ray


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Pictures would help. These don't sound like yours but...
Flyback primary.jpgFlyback 12v.jpg


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i wouldn't try arcing the big red wire to anything without knowing what it is.... but that oscillator should give you enough voltage on the other windings to identify most of the connections... make sure the 2n3055 is properly heatsinked too... some of the windings will be isolated, some will not. be careful around the high voltage wire as well as the focus and screen wires. the high voltage wire and the focus wires have enough voltage on them to fry a typical DMM, and the screen voltage could damage some cheaper meters.

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