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An opamp supply limit in the differential amplifier mode

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I have a sensor which is connected to +12V and it shows some small variations at the output.

I have an opamp which I have configured in AC input, inverting amplifier. therefore I should supply it with the load voltage and then find the best value for + rail (by default the half of the VCC which is 6V), something like the figure below, but the opamp maximum supply is 3.3V. I am bounded to use this opamp and I can not change the sensor voltage.

is there any method to fix this problem?

Nigel Goodwin

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You don't mention what opamp you're using?, is it rated for use at 3.3V? (which sounds extremely low), you probably need to find one that will work from such a low voltage.


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Please recheck the "max Vcc = 3.3v". Maybe the output goes to a micro computer that runs on 3.3v.

If senser lives at 12v and op anp lives at 3.3v, there is no problem. The capacitor removes the DC.
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