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  • Welcome to our site! Electro Tech is an online community (with over 170,000 members) who enjoy talking about and building electronic circuits, projects and gadgets. To participate you need to register. Registration is free. Click here to register now.

amperage of 8 AA cells connected in series ?

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hi all,

how much current can a battery pack of 8 normal dry cells (AA size) furnish when connected in series ?

i need a battery of 12V and above 1Ah for my robot. the battery pack i
mentioned wud look great on the bot but i m open to new suggestions :p

thx in advance :)
depends on the type, you might get 1-2 amps for good quality batteries, but they dont last much.
but in any case use the ones that says "high power", or "photo", dont use "long life"
that was quick. i hadnt even finished editing it :lol:
i am the quickest guy
i was just online...
i think 8 cells, but why do you call them cells, wasnt cells suppose to reffer to small batteries?
i think that they are enough for your robot, but i dont know how much they last. AA, how big does that mean? the one cilindrical and with the diameter of about 4 cm, 2.5inch?
no the ones with dia of bout 1 cm. and length bout 5 cms ?
o, these kind of, with exellent type of batteries you might make them last half an hour with a curent of about one amp.
maybe use 3 swuare batteries, 4.5 volts, you will get a little bit more than 12 volts, but they can provide highter current.
swuare ????
whats that ?

r they rechargables ?
no, no no, square, this is how i call them, sorry for the confuzion.
i emailed you a picture of a batt like this, but i havent seen these lately, they are not so used.
Batteries in series won't increase the current.

Remember these fundamentals:
1) When Batteries are connected in series, current remains constant and voltage gets added up (sum of individual voltages of each battery)
2) When Batteries are connected in parallel, voltage remains constant and current capacity of the pack increases.
no,no no
the square batteries contain 3 1.5 volt elements in series, but each element can provide a current highter than a AA battery, thats why i reffer to this type of battery. and connecting the batteries in paralel is not recommended beacuse they damidge bacause even new batteries, one is cahrged more than another, so current passes from one to another so you need to connect them with a diode.
pkshima, you can make 2 series of 8 batteries and then connect them in paralel but use 2 diodes.
lol. :lol: u mean a total of 16 AA batteries ?

i would rather use a car battery. just that it wont look gud on a robot made from a 10 floppy container box :p

there r 6v batteries that r used in torches. they have gud amperage.
their size is gud but using two of them wud b difficult.
well suit your needs, like you said, you ahd a 500mA adaptor, but if this wouldnt suply the neceassaary current the i dont think that batteries would, maybe good batteries.
and i think that you might use a car battery lol

but i have some questions:
1) could you send a picture of the robot, maybe email it to me.
2)how did yiu control the robot via the computer, what port did you use, serial or paralel..?]
3)how did you connect the motors to the wheals, did you use gears and where did you get them from?
and these are the questions for now. why i am asking them is because i want to build a robot of my own.
1) I would love to post my bots pics in the forum. but too bad i dont have
a webcam/scanner at home. so i was waiting for the bot to complete and then i would finish a roll of conventional film on it and then get them scaned. sorry for the delay.

2)for the time being i m using software to generate dtmf tones thru the soundcard whereby i connect the robot. i m in the process of testing the reliability of the FM RX and TX modules and would replace the wire between the robot and the compu soon.

3)i used simple rubber bands as belts to connect the motor to the wheels.
the wheels r old F.L.D. clutches of tape decks. (dont know what it means but the guy i bought them from told me that. i just pointed at the object in the shop like a kid saying "i want that".
getting parts specially made for robotics like gears etc. is a bit of a problem in my country and even in US they cost a hell lot.
and i m not in favour of spending money on hobby.
and i love using junkyard items.

further questions r most welcome.
ok, thank for the reply.
i will wait for the pictures of the robot.
and ill ask whatever wuestions i think of?
but what about using an ampifier on the robot with a microhone, and turn your computer's speakers louder?
yes i thought of that but if i do that my parents will throw me out of the house :lol:
well it is true, what about usind ultrasounds, with good speakers and a circuit you can comand the robot with sound fro 15KHz to 20KHz , but it will be so annoing.........
hmm. not much knowlwdge on ultrasound.
ya, more could attach a frequency multiplier to the computer output, and a frequecy divider to the robot, but if you try all i say, your robot might increase its waight with a few kg of ics...lool

morover u forgot its got to b hand held as well.
it is already computer controlled.
i want a remote which i can use with my hands like a tv remote AND
be also able to be plugged in the parallel port of the compu to let the software drive it. :lol:
well i dont know what to say, the link from the paralel port to the robot, how many bits does it need? do you use 8 bits or less?
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