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AM transmitter and reciever

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I rigged up a circuit for AM modulation and demodulation. They work fine, when i connect then together with a wire. I want to make the whole setup wireless, ie, I want to transmitt the AM signal. An I dont want any heterodyning.

This is how my circuit now looks:

[Signal inputs]---[AM modulator]---[AM demodulator]--output

I want this:

How do I do that? I want to achieve only a modest transmission range, say 1 or 2 meters. My carrier is also of pretty low frequency. Say 200KHz.

I understand to boost the range I need an amplifier of some sort. Are there any standard RF amplifier ICs available like the LM380/387 for audio range.



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Hi. The only things thats missing here is the antennas!
I want this:
_______________________Here^^^and here^^^

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