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Accurate Temperature Sensor

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Soda Ant

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I was planning to use an LM75 for a temperature sensor for a weather station I'm building until I read the datasheet and found that its accuracy is only +/- 2C.

Is there another sensor I can use that's accurate to +/- 0.5C in the temperature range -10C to 50C?


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Dallas semiconductor makes several good choices for accurate temperature measurement.


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Why do you need that accuracy?

Maxim (aka Dallas Semiconductor) carries single chip silicon-based temperature sensors accurate to 0.5C:
The DS600 is the only analog output device they have with that accuracy:

THe rest are digital interface such as the DS620 or DS7505:
http://para.maxim-ic.com/en/search....M|Period µ Temp.|Pulse Delay&tree=master

Needless to say, you could do the same thing with an RTD (with a much greater stability and accuracy over a much larger temperature range) at greatly increased cost, complexity, and hard to find parts.
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Dean Huster

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Why do you need that accuracy?

If I were building a weather station that I wanted to be taken seriously, I'd want that kind of accuracy. Same for wind speed and rainfall.


Russ Hensel

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if you have a computer involved you can add a calibrate function to that program. this avoids the additional expense of more acurate sensors
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