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555 Timer

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Hi All,

I am doing a timer based project using 555 timer as my timer,my timer need to have a 3way switch to select the time as 5minutes,10minutes and nohting happen.one thing i found out is when i trigger let's say 5 minutes..while the timer is running ,i change the selector knob to 10 minutes then the timer will rest and start using 10 minutes as my new count but the previous 5 minutes count is not finish,and i prevent this to happen to my circuit ,what i need is when i trigger a timer the 1st time the circuit will not reset although i alter the resistor knob.
By the way i am uisng 220uF ,1.2M(5minutes) and 2.3 M (10 Minutes)as my timing component to my 555 timer.
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