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2 speakers (one as mic other as speaker)

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Im a begineer. I have two 8ohm 0.25 speakers. I want to use one as a mic and other as a speaker. I have a transformer which can supply AC voltage of 4, 8 or

12 volts from room powersupply.

So how can i do this SIMPLY???


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Hi DirectXXX,

It is OK to use a speaker as a mic.
You will need an amplifier.

Connect one of your speakers to the amplifier's
input, and the other to the amplifier's output.

Amplifiers run on DC.

Regards, John :)


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i know about amplifier. But i want to do some low level. I heared you can use transistor in this case with a higher voltage supply. But i dont know which transistor. and where should i make connection with three pins of transistor.


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look up simple audio amplifyers. they can help
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