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0.5T Magnetic Switch

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In one of my project I need to sense the magnetic feild of 0.5T.
As the magnetic feild aroud my device cgoes beyond 0.5Tesla ( 1 = 10000 Guass ) the micro controller should set a flag and do some other tasks.

Is there any chip which senses such high magnetic feild???

I have hal effect sensor A3212 Allegr part which is a magnetic flux switch but having very less switching flux level ( around 50 Guass )

Can someone suggest me better method to sense magnetic feild of 0.5Tesla
There is something called flux gate but its a ittle costly and complex solution for me.


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what's creating the field?


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You might want to call or email Allegro for a possible solution.




Magnetic feild is gettring generarated by permanant magnet.
Allegro wont able to help as I am already in touch with for this perticual problem set. they have hall sensors like A3212 but all are switchs max upto 75 guas. 1T= 10000 Guass and I need a hall effect switch of 5000 Guass.
Allegro dont have a sensor like this.
I am tring with the REED switch from OKI with the metal sheild for this.
Still working;
Kindly let me know if anyone have some cost effective idea.

Warm regards.
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